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“Learning about safety never ends’.
“Practicing and applying safety around us is vital”.
“Our families await our safe return from our jobs and hence it is self-imposing & self-organizing in its nature”.
“We insist on safety to help remind you of your own responsibility”.
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One of our main business policy is to maintain business secrets and hence we ensure security in all its reports & our Managers are experienced personal understanding the gravity of the matter involved. Special instruction are always briefed in person to our Managers when a project of special concern Security, National interest, Governmental or of similar nature or need is involved.

AFIFI A/C EST. Accumulated experience, dealing with different type of commercial, industrial and residential projects made it easy for management & staff to revise a security policy whenever so needed on any project.

AFIFI A/C EST. Has developed and adopted a security policy for offices and job sites to control the following activities:
• Access of information, communications and computer system.
• Documents storage and reproduction.
• Access to office, store & material.

AFIFI A/C EST. shall conduct full security coordination & comply with the project specific security program.

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